Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 8

Day 8. August 22. Greyson Lake to Arril Lake. 4.2 miles.

The sky was darkened by threatening clouds in the morning, so we took our time packing up.  We easily found the portage into Arril, marked by a crumpled canoe.  We lost the trail for a bit in a pile of rocks, but after regaining it, the rest of the portage presented no problems. Rain began in earnest once we arrived at Arril Lake. We stopped to look at the outpost on the lake (didn't look like anyone had been around for some time) and then continued on to a decent campsite west of the cabin, right where the lake narrows.  The sun broke out in the evening, and we enjoyed a dinner of fresh walleye caught right off the campsite. There were four big bear scats nearby; apparently bears were using the narrows to get across the lake.

Arril Lake outpost cabin.  No one was home.

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