Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 11

Day 11. August 25. Kenoji Lake to Wabakimi Lake. 9.5 miles.

Finally a nice day! We paddled onto Kenoji Lake with improved spirits and a tail wind pushing us along. We passed the outpost camp, and from the piles of gear on the dock, guessed that the inhabitants were waiting for a plane out.

Our next obstacle was the river between Kenoji and Wabakimi Lake.  Our map indicated that upstream travel was not recommended between Kenoji and Whitewater Lake, but mentioned nothing about our chosen route, so we didn't know what to expect.  The first portage was not encouraging as it was extremely brushy.  Had anyone used it recently?  In reality, most of the portages were not difficult, but the approaches often involved paddling, lining, or poling up what we would call rapids where we are from!  The final insult occurred where we put in at Wabakimi Lake; we struggled for what seemed like 15 minutes to paddle up a swift.

Naturally, we saw two boats right after we entered the lake, which wasn't unexpected since Wabakimi has several outpost camps.  Strangely, the fisherman seemed to be in a different universe from us, generally ignoring our presence or giving us a gruff nod.  Perhaps they felt we were intruding on their solitude just as we felt them intruding on ours.  We paddled to a camp marked on our park map on the outlet bay.  An angry boreal owl woke us up at night.

Portage on the river between Kenoji and Wabakimi

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