Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 19

Day 19.  Wigwasan Lake to Bukemiga Lake.  4.9 miles.

After 18 days on the water, we were excited to get to our car, so we packed up early and headed across the portage to Bukemiga Lake, our final destination.  We made one last stop at a surprisingly nice campsite on the point just before the "trailer park" comes into view.  We ate our last meal on the trail, then headed to the takeout.  Clem had our car waiting for us, and in short order we were zipping down the road heading for home.  

Morning fog on Wigwasan Lake


  1. Congrats on finishing the trip Brian, Jean, and Emma! I really enjoyed the write up, thanks for publishing it.


  2. Nice report and photos. Did you use Wabakimi Project portage maps at all?


    1. Thanks. No Dave. I would have if they had been easier to get, but by the time my plans were firm it was getting late to order them. The new official park map is quite good, really, combined with 1:50,000 topos.

  3. Hey, nice report guys! I was wondering how your trip went.