Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 5

Day  5. Thursday August 19th. Outlet Bay to Berg River. 11.1 miles.

We were anxious to head out in the morning, in spite of a cold northwest wind.  Huddling under a tarp for much of the previous day probably had spurred us on.  We managed to find enough shelter on the bay by sticking to the western shore, and we located the portage into the Berg River without too much trouble.  But then it started raining.

We headed down the river anyway.  Our map showed five portages between Outlet Bay and Whitewater Lake; we found only three of them.  The other two rapids were apparently small enough that the portages had grown in.  We lined the first, and ran the second. The rain continued steadily, and it was cold.   Before long we were desperate to find a campsite.  On the last portage before joining the Ogoki River, we found our desperation site at the top of a noisy rapids.  Once again, we pitched the tarp and built a large fire. That evening, the sky cleared just as night fell, and we crawled in our sleeping bags with high hopes for the next day.

We improvised a rain coat for the dog (dark lump in middle).

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