Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 3

Day 3.  Tuesday August 17th.  Caribou Bay to Outlet Bay.  12.5 miles.

No portages were planned for this day, which was good because we needed to eat some food and lighten our food pack.

A light north wind was blowing and Caribou Bay went on and on with low, spruce-covered shores.  We met our first of only two canoe parties on the entire trip just as we were turning the corner to the north.  As this is a main route to exit the park, we weren't too surprised.  After reaching Smoothrock Lake, we stopped to eat at a deluxe shore lunch spot complete with tables, a gas grill, and the ubiquitous propane fish cookers.  It seemed a bit like trespassing to camp there, plus it was too busy; we saw about four boats in the short time we were crossing it.  So, we headed up Outlet Bay and bushwhacked a camp on a lovely sand beach with a flat spot for the tent and plenty of dry driftwood for a cooking fire.  We were excited to see caribou tracks in the sand.  It was a beautiful evening, though a distinct ring around the sun portended bad weather to come.

Caribou tracks in the sand.  Caribou have rounded hooves; moose have pointed hooves.

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