Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 10

Day 10. August 24. Scrag Lake to Kenoji Lake. 8.5 miles.

Cold drizzle and a strong north wind greeted us this morning. We were reluctant to travel and get wet again, so we stayed put until one when a brighter sky encouraged us to make a break for it. Originally, we planned to go south on Scrag Lake into Little Scrag Lake.  Given the wind, however, we decided to avoid the openness of Scrag and head west to join the Palisade River. We were glad we did.  The portages were easy and not hard to find.  Most of this country had been burnt in recent years, so we got a good look at a second bear on a hillside just west of the Kenoji.

The portage to Kenoji Lake was marked by what else ... boats!  This time they appeared to be well-kept.  Of course, there is an outpost camp on Kenoji.  So, fisherman can walk the portage and take the boats out on the Palisade River.  Again, contrary to the outfitter's warning, we were not alone out there.

We found a campsite soon after we got to Kenoji Lake, just after paddling through a small rapids.

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